MIA Night Club In NYC

Mia Lounge (not ‘Miami’) also known as Mia Sushi has a unique combo of the restaurant and modern nightclub. Put away between Glendale and Pasadena, Mia Lounge provides a trendy, upbeat environment.

Mia Lounge is known for providing just music as well as an ambiance that motivates it’s visitor to return time and again. Encounter the serene outside patio area seating while taking in the noises of Mia Lounge NYC’s highly developed stereo.

Pick Mia Lounge for your next unique nightlife experience. Do not fail to remember to discuss the Geronimo guest list at the door for complimentary or reduced access.

Missing at work opened its shiny, girly, glittery, warm pink doors in November.

Some could understand the Dupont haunt as the previous Andalu, or much more recently, a Mexican Cantina. Next-door neighbors with a public bar, M.I.A. brings a fresh concept to the Big Apple.

At first glimpse, M.I.A. Lounge NYC appears like Beauty Bar, the hipster chain with places in Washington D.C., San Francisco, Hollywood, Vegas, and so much more with its models and pink, glossy design.

It certainly pointed it up in Midtown by including some significant innovative enjoyment like the six-foot, costumed bunny rabbit mascot running wild as well as obtaining much more photo time compared to a Playmate.

M.I.A. adds a saxophone gamer, fire breathers, stilt walkers, and even pole dancers!

A little too available? It’s amazing. Bar as well as container solution choices take visitors back to the Manhattan nightlife comfort area with steady rates.

“I wanted this NY club to be distinct from any various other in the city. The majority of clubs had by a guy look like a guy owns them. This one is created by a female because I wanted a feminine touch.”.

Other soft touches consist of the “lip wall” (a wall surface packed with images of lips), the “fluid table” that reacts to your touch, silver models adorning the downstairs bar, a gigantic stripper pole, vinyl seats, as well as manacles & silver Gatling gun on the bathroom wall surfaces.

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